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    • I tried it for a month, but it’s not quite for me. I am trying to drink almond or soy milk whenever I can and get my eggs from a local market, so I know where they are coming from.

    • +booksandquills aww how come it didn’t work out? Sometimes its easier to transition more slowly 🙂 I think its great that you care about where your eggs are coming from 🙂 even if there is no cruelty involved its still not vegan since the animal is being used. Have you ever read about the dairy industry ? It can be quite sad as the meat industry and often is connected to veal industry…and dairy cows get slaughtered after a couple years of being less “productive” 🙁 🙁 just wanted to share some info that maybe is new for you. Really enjoyed to message of the vid encouraging more veg :3 every small step is awesome

    • +littleointment I tried it for a full month, and while the transition wasn’t extremely difficult, it doesn’t really fit with my lifestyle at the moment and actually made me eat more unhealthy, because of sometimes limited ‘on the go’ options. I will always try to keep getting more information about the food industry and perhaps I’ll make other changes in the future.

    • +booksandquills I’m a vegetarian too, and when it comes to dairy I only drink almond milk and I only eat biological cheese and eggs.

  1. I knew I liked you! I didn’t know you were vegetarian. I am vegan and have been for five years. Great to meet a veggie/book lover!

  2. Ohhh youre the first person i know who was also raised vegetarian! I have exactly the same story, my mum went vegetarian, so did my dad when they met and my brother and i have always been vegetarians 😀
    And since 2 years I am vegan for the most part!

    • same with me as well. my mom went veggie when she was younger and then met my dad who happened to be as well and so my sister brother and i were raised vegetarian and. haha i feel like for people raised vegetarian it’s a right of passage to eat some sort of meet at 3 because i did that with ham.

  3. This is gorgeous and I literally squealed when I saw how the carrots turned out. Not having an oven in my tiny Tokyo apartment (because no apartments have ovens here, they are not a thing) is so difficult sometimes. Roasted vegetables are one of life’s great joys. I can do tiny batches in my convection microwave, though, so I’m going to try to adapt that carrot recipe a bit!

  4. I tried being vegetarian but I ended up eating lots of carbs and gaining weight I also got very low in protein and had to take pills… I don’t think I was prepared to be vegetarian.

    • +OrgasmikGraphicz No, there are cases (with bulimics, primarily) where the stomach walls can rupture. I don’t think it’s a good idea to stuff yourself beyond fullness. The sheer volume of food they promote seems really unnecessary to me. A general plant-based lifestyle is good enough to survive on, and good for health. I also promote variety, just because it’s easier to get all your nutrients that way.

      You imply some nutritionists look like that, but that’s fatness. It’s different than extending your stomach walls almost to their limit in one sitting. 

    • Woaaah, reason I became a high carb vegan in the first place was because of 3 years suffering with bulimia and BED – binge, guilt, purge, starve was the cycle, It’s fucking tough to get out of that habit, but eating as much clean lean vegan food as I liked certainly didn’t do me any harm.  Havn’t felt so happy (or sane in fact) since before bulimia.

    • Also, Freelee and Durianrider and hundreds of others are living proof that an ‘excess’ of calories (or what we are taught is an excess) does not make you fat.

    • +Ffion Bennett They didn’t prove that, because we do not have a measure of their basal metabolic rate nor do we have a clear idea of how many calories they are burning per day. Judging from the lifestyle they show on youtube, it looks like they do a lot of intensive exercise everyday (training for bike race, per say?). However, I am glad that the lifestyle is working for you physically and mentally. I know it does not work for me personally. 

    • Freelea states clearly that she doesnt do intensive exercise at all, but thanks, hope you find one that does work for you

  5. That really looked tasty. Unfortunately I can’t digest garlic and onions well, which makes all veggie cook books depressing. I rarely eat meat and am a lazy cook, so having some nice and simple veggie recipes would be great.

  6. Ahhh this looks so nice! I’ve been vegetarian for over a decade and vegan going on four years. 🙂 veggie dishes are the best!

  7. How long did you cook the veggies in the oven? I’d love to try these, but I’m a little worried about eye-balling the cooking process. Thank you SO much for posting this. It’s definitely inspiring me to eat more veggies!

  8. you should check out the Oh She Glows cookbook, super simple and delish vegan dishes. this video is beautiful it reminded me of the worktop! 

  9. I have been Vegan since I was 10-11, it was a personal choice and I stood by it even though some people were not supportive. I watched a documentary (Earthlings) when I was 10 changed my mindset. I am 17 now, and I am positive that it was one of the best decisions I have made so far.

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