Pull Apart Veggie Burger Sliders – Veggie Burger recipe — 40 Comments

  1. Those veggie burgers look good. Mushrooms are a good sub. All in one pan and nice and cheesy. Enjoyed..

  2. Lyle, Pidasian Hippie (April) is a wonderful lady! I’m glad she inspired you to make these veggie burgers because they look cheesy and delicious, as tasty as any meat burger I’ve seen! Great job!

  3. now I have been eating subway veggie sub for a couple of days now. I think it’s time for me to experience something else and that something else is your veggie sandwiches. man let me tell you they look good.

  4. I’m not a veggie guy dude but these look good. I’m gonna give it a try and a big thanks to all our vets out there.

  5. The video you got inspired from must have been good but this is definitely the best Lyle. That cheese is heaven for my eyes
    How was the pasta?

  6. Great looking sliders Lyle, even without the meat, I’d snarf down a couple! Looking great in that sweatshirt buddy!

  7. BWAAAA HAH HAH HAH! Mason is smart as he is tall! Hah hah! “How did you know?” Good job on the recipe and on raising a smart young man. S/F brother.

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