Thai Mixed Veg Stir-Fry Recipe ผัดผักรวม – Hot Thai Kitchen! — 32 Comments

  1. My grandma always used to cook sugar snap peas for me when I was a kid and she’d never peel the string thing off so when I’d eat them id start choking on the string thing haha and i’ll just sit there staring at my plate cause ive given up on life. And baby corn in veggie stir frys are bomb!

  2. and people say carbs make you fat, this is what fat people eat right? or is it the mcdonalds and all the diary? nah it’s gotta be the buns from all the burgers…

  3. We don’t have Golden mountain sauce here in philippones, So, Is it ok if there is no Golden mountain Sauce I add? please Reply. thank you

  4. Smilling face while it😊😊😊
    ..just wanna ask what can i use as substitution for oyster sauce coz my host fam is jewish & using this sauce is not good for them..tnx

  5. You look soo beautiful and so the dish too; so nicely explained in English without a flaw. Thank you so much; Dish is as sweet and redish as you 😉

  6. You are hands down the best foodtuber around. What I like most about your videos is your attention to detail in your explanations. And you’re funny haha.

  7. May I request a video on young jackfruit salad? I had it at a thai restaurant once. Absolutely delicious! But I have no idea how to make it!!

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