Vegan Recipe: Make Vegan Bacon Using Rice Paper | The Edgy veg — 36 Comments

  1. These taste DELICIOUS!!! Anyone figure out a way to store these that they do stay crispy? I am going to double the liquid smoke on the next batch and see how it tastes. Perfect crunch/flavor for BLTs 🙂
    FYI I cut my rice paper with kitchen scissors. I had no problems except for one piece that broke, but when wet I stuck them back together. Way easier than a knife 🙂

  2. “Because I’m not afraid of spices” and adds paprika and pepper two of the most mildest of spices 😂😂 good video though just tried it!

  3. I’ve been looking for liquid smoke….and have failed to find it. Is there a way to substitute?

  4. Where do I get rice paper ? Hurry someone answer me! Love bacon thought it was a goner since going vegan!!!!!! Thanks girl and becuz of this recipe & my love of bacon  I just subscribed!!!!!!!

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