Veggie Burger Video Recipe for Vegetarians by Bhavna — 27 Comments

  1. Instead of Mayo I love to add  jalapeno Humus!!!! OMG IS UGH TO DIE FOR!!!!! To be honest i am slowly trancisioning to vegeterian its fairly easy when the meals are soooo good!!! never knew how delicious veggies could be!! 🙂 I will try to make your recipe soon!! Hugs from Chicago! 🙂

    • +Liz Love never thought that being vegan could be cheap and tasty either. Those fake meats in grocery stores are very expensive in place where i live.

  2. Yay the sound quality is so much better than the hot dog video! Chased about by your kids playing! “No problem” How lovely. These look really tasty! Thank you. x

  3. Why didn’t you make the burger patti same size as the giant burger,bun bread, you are using.your burgers are more bread then burger patti.

  4. The passive-aggressive “not a problem” at 2:15 made me laugh out loud. So funny. Great recipe. Want to try it this week.

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